Decentralized AI-powered Trust  Alliance

DATA is a blockchain based digital data authentication protocol powered by AI & P2P mobile storage infrastructure.

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Players in digital ecosystem do not trust each other.

1Limitation of Centralized Internet Advertising Bureau

The middle layer grows in size, creating loopholes for bad players that manipulate the system for the gain.

2Severe Ad Fraud

More than 40% of online ads traffic is bot traffic, which costs advertisers $16 billion annually.

3Monetization and User Experience Dilemma

Users rarely get rewarded from ads, which drives 600 million devices to use ad blocking, hence decrease efficiency of the ecosystem.


Ad Flow

from advertisers/ad networks/DSPs to publishers/developers and then to end users.

Data Flow

from user device to P2P based mobile storage (M³). SDK protocol transforms individual devices into nodes of M³.

Token Flow

from DATA network to users, publishers/developers and DATA nodes. DATA network validates data and issues tokens to relevant contributors.

DATA System Flow

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Shirley Lin

  • M.S. Texas A & M CS/Math/Statistic
  • B.A. National Taiwan University
  • Serial Entrepreneur
  • Served as VP of Global Business Development at Nexway, Yeahmobi,, & Beintoo
  • Worked for Space Shuttle Program at NASA

Dr. Eric Li

  • Ph.D., CS Clemson University, B.S. CS Huazhong University of Science and Technology
  • Principal Data Scientist & Architect in Microsoft, Capital One and MicroStrategy
  • 50+ peer reviewed papers on P2P networks, distributed systems, online reputation management
  • Recipient of Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Students Abroad
  • Harris Outstanding Researcher Award in Clemson University

Victor Ye

  • M.S., CS Columbia University, B.S. CS Tsinghua University
  • Senior Software Engineer at LinkedIn, Twitter & Snapchat
  • Publications & patents on distributed database systems
  • Worked on open source distributed systems including Apache Kafka & Project Manhattan

Franklin Song

  • M.S., CS Yale University, B.S., EE Tsinghua University
  • Serial Entrepreneur
  • Worked for Microsoft Research Asia & Oracle in U.S.

Quan Xue

  • M.S. Institute of Computing Technology Chinese Academy of Sciences.
  • B.S. EI Huazhong University of Science and Technology.
  • Architect of DATA M3.
  • Worked at Youdao of Netease.

Ashley Zhou

  • M.S., Northwestern University, Integrated Marketing Communications
  • Worked as Product Marketer at LinkedIn
  • Served as Digital Data Analyst at Goodby Silverstein & Partners

SY Lian

  • B.Sc., Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman, Computer Science/Math
  • Design Consultant
  • UX Specialist/ Developer

Ray Miao

  • B.S., Wesleyan University, Art Studio
  • Worked as Style Advisor at Saks Fifth Avenue
  • Served at Klein Sun Gallery
  • Invested in Bitcoin since 2015

Huixin Chiang

  • M.S., Chinese University of Hong Kong, Marketing
  • Served as Social Media Marketer at Ogilvy & Mather
  • Worked as Content Marketer at LinkedIn
  • Freelance Blockchain Writer

Olivia Peng

  • M.S., HEC Paris, Strategic Management
  • Served as Consultant at Ferrero, BDA and Mercer
  • Worked at NEA in U.S.

Anthony Shen

  • B.S., UC Irvine, Math
  • Upcoming Graduate at Columbia University, MFE
  • Quant Strategy at JT Asset Management
  • Research Project Lead at UC Irvine

Yanqi Wang

Operation Director of Korean
  • M.A ,Korea University, Media Studio
  • Director Group Leader of Korea University
  • Worked as Program Director at Beijing TV station (BTV)

Jay Kim

  • Blockr Capital, Business Developer
  • Worked as Community manager at Phantasma Protocol, Bethereum, Spokkz, Orbis etc

Lily Wang

  • B.S., CS MIT
  • Technical sales at Google
  • Director of Marketing at Brainbot
  • Did business development for Huobi and sourced deals at Huobi Capital
  • Worked in traditional finance as an options trader

Yang Yuan

  • Co-Founder of one of the top 10 largest social groups in China
  • Built social media group with 1.6 million people worldwide
  • Founded enterprise incubator with local government
  • Provided SMB with fundraising and policy consulting

Karl Huang

  • M.S., ECE New Jersey Institute of Technology, B.S., EE Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications.
  • Senior Frontend Developer and project owner of DATA project.
  • Worked at Experian and Pfizer in U.S.

Daisy Li

  • B.S., CS Beijing Information Science and Technology University.
  • Architect of DATA project.
  • Over 10 years experience in Java.
  • Worked at Netease、Gome、Youxin in Beijing.


Prof. Shoucheng Zhang
(Chief Advisor)

Professor at Stanford University
  • JG Jackson and CJ Wood Professor of Physics at Stanford University
  • Founding Chairman of Danhua Capital
  • Fellow of the American Physical Society & the American Academy of Arts and Sciences

Michael Arrington

Founder, TechCrunch
  • American Founder and Former Co-Editor of TechCrunch
  • Founder of Arrington XRP Capital

Shuoji Zhou

Founding Partner, FBG Capital
  • An early investor of a broad spectrum of blockchain companies and projects
  • One of the most well-connected and visionary crypto hedge fund managers in Asia

Bo Shen

Founding Partner, Fenbushi Capital

Paul Veradittakit

Partner, Pantera

Kevin Wen

Serial Entrepreneur
  • C.S., UT-Ausin
  • Co-founder of (NYSE:LITB)
  • Co-founder of Blogchina

Satoshi D.

DFund, Co-founder


Jia Tian

Chief Scientist & CTOs at several AI startups
  • B.S./M.S., CS Tsinghua University
  • Advisor to multiple blockchain tech startups such as ZCash

Dr. Harry Liu

Staff Engineer / Senior Manager, Research at Alibaba Group
  • Ph.D., CS Yale University, B.S./M.S. EE Tsinghua University
  • Researcher in Microsoft Research Redmond
  • SOSP, NSDI and SIGCOMM first author
  • 2014 ACM SIGCOMM Doctoral Dissertation Award